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When you collaborate with MARTA, you're not just securing a deal; you're embracing an opportunity to touch the lives of millions of riders every week. Imagine the impact and the immense satisfaction of knowing that your organization is playing a pivotal role in connecting dreams, destinations, and communities across metro Atlanta.

High-value contracts? Absolutely! But beyond that, it's the value of being a part of a larger mission. A mission to ensure that every individual in metro Atlanta has access to dependable and top-notch transit services.

So, let's make a difference together! We warmly invite you to be a part of our journey, to co-create a future where transit isn't just about moving from point A to B, but about enriching lives and fostering connections. Partner with us and let's drive a brighter, more connected Atlanta!

Contracts & Procurement

MARTA's procurement method, which primarily revolves around a competitive quote or bid process, is a strategic approach designed to uphold both fairness and efficiency. By casting a wide net and inviting submissions from various vendors, we aim to maintain a comprehensive understanding of the market's offerings.

This inclusivity guarantees that every interested party, regardless of size or stature, has the opportunity to present their proposal. It is our way of promoting diversity, encouraging competition, and ensuring that innovation and value propositions are not overlooked.

Once all submissions are received, they undergo a thorough evaluation. Beyond just the cost, we consider other vital factors such as quality, vendor experience, timeline feasibility, and post-sales support. This holistic evaluation ensures that the selected option isn't just the cheapest, but rather the one that offers the best overall value and compatibility with MARTA's operational requirements and long-term goals.

By adopting this approach, MARTA reaffirms its commitment to transparency, fiscal responsibility, and its pursuit of partnerships that are beneficial not just for the organization but also for the communities we serve.

Invitations for Sealed Bid (IFB)

In these cases, bids are actively and transparently sought from the public. After careful assessment, a firm-fixed price contract, which may be a lump sum or based on unit price, is awarded. The chosen bidder is not just selected based on price alone, but also on their ability to adhere to the essential terms and conditions outlined in the Invitation for Bids.

Request for Proposal (RFP)

When engaging in procurement, there are instances where the decision isn't solely based on price. Instead, we utilize negotiated procurements, a comprehensive method that evaluates various factors in addition to the price. Factors such as the quality of the goods or services, the reputation of the provider, and their track record in the industry are taken into consideration. Typically, this method is favored by us, especially when procuring professional services, as it provides a more holistic assessment of potential vendors.

Other Matters

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